Harper Public, the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Discord Bot

Harper from Mobile Legends: Bang Bang's Magic Chess
Harper from Mobile Legends: Bang Bang's Magic Chess

A new and improved public Discord Bot for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang's enthusiasts and Discord communities.

Last July 24, the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang's Official Discord Server announced the release of Harper Public, a public version of Harper which was only available on several official Mobile Legends: Bang Bang's Discord servers.

It is stated that Harper Public does not require any permission. Server Admins can opt-out which channel can Harper Public access by giving it View Channel permissions on that specific channel.

On the other note, they have also stated that they will be monitoring the usage of Harper Public to "detect and counter any users with malicious intent". Any attempt to disrupt the bot's performance such as spamming is also not tolerated. Several sanctions including but not limited to blacklisting will be applied to offending users and servers.

You can invite Harper Public to join your server as long as you have Manage Server permissions.

Take note that you need to bind your Game ID first which can be done on several official MLBB's Discord servers before you can use Harper Public.

🔗Invite Link: https://bit.ly/inviteHarper

These are currently the available commands:
/profile View your or another user's ML profile. We have reworked the template for this command.

/gameid Can be used to share your Game ID with others to check their Game ID.

/hideid Hides your Game ID from others for privacy.

/hero View specific hero data, we are working on customizing this command further to display more hero-specific information (such as builds, Hero guides, videos, and skill descriptions) and fixing some bugs.

/items View an in-game item's description. 25 items have been provided in a dropdown for easier selection. This command can be used to prove who is right about item passives.

/winrate View your or others' hero-specific win rate. Stay tuned for the revamped version of this command.